Medium Size Businesses experience
Huge Benefits

Using Our Negotiation Services

Medium size companies have overcome many of the obstacles that small businesses face.  They are more able to focus on building and expanding the business, investing in ways to increase efficiency, productivity and output, and really start becoming competitive with their industry leaders.

Companies with 100 – 1,000 employees/contractors have a HUGE advantage using the negotiations services offered by Strategic Negotiators.  In fact, companies of this size tend to see the most benefit using our negotiation services as far as impact on the business. 

Most of our medium size clients have saved between $500k – $10M using our services in a period of 1-2 years.  Some save that much in a single fiscal year.  Some have saved even more.  It all depends on how often our negotiators are used and the company overall spend.

Medium size companies usually have a higher volume of purchases being made and often higher quantities being purchased.  The amount of dollars being spent increases as a company overall.

 The company likely has departments with their own independent budgets.  Those departments decide what they need to purchase to meet their independent goals.  More often than not, the departments could benefit from extra money in their budget to spend.  

This is where we come in and REALLY make a difference.  If we were able to save you 25% – 50% on every purchase, that’s an extra 25% – 50% more money in your budget.  How beneficial would that extra money be to you, your department, or your company?

Don't let the wrong people "deal" with the vendor
It's a costly mistake

In medium size companies, the people that are often contacting the vendors to purchase a product or enter into a contract, are often the SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) in the department or the managers who manage the department budget.  They are the ones that know what they need as far as a product or service is concerned. 


They are not the experts in negotiating the best deal with the vendor.  There are so many factors that are overlooked, so much opportunity missed, and so much money and savings left “on the table” when this happens.

Don't let this happen to you!

Our negotiators are here to get you the best possible deals on every purchase.  This is OUR expertise.  Our flexible pricing options and our amazing savings guarantee provides you with the perfect opportunity to get the most out of each and every purchase and contract, allowing you to use those savings to stretch your budget and get more.  

Positive Relationships
Better Deals

As previously discussed, medium size companies do more purchases in general and sometimes in larger quantities.  This can position you for good savings potential in a variety of ways.  But relationships also play a role in savings potential.  A medium size company is big enough that vendors want to develop a strong long term relationship.  They know that as you grow, you will need to buy more and they want to be the ones who you purchase from.  Our negotiators know how to use all these factors to not only get you great savings on your purchases, but also to create a strong discount baseline for future deals.  We know how to develop positive lasting relationships with vendors so they will want to “deal” with you on future purchases and will be more flexible to meet your needs.  We may even be able to get additional products or services included for no cost.  Some you may not have even thought about.  If there is opportunity… We will find it.

Don't forget about

Medium size companies start to enter into contracts with their vendors, distributors, and suppliers.  It could be an annual contract for a product, maintenance contracts, SOW’s for onsite vendor consulting, ect.  There are savings potential with contracts as well.  Multi-year contracts could save you money.  Some vendors base their maintenance fees on a % of a current list price which is variable.  It would be beneficial to lock that in.  Maybe you would like to do a trial period prior to committing.  Sometimes training or additional products can be included for no charge when entering into a contact.  Whatever the case may be, contracts may have cost saving opportunities that should not be overlooked.

Just needing to work out contract details or verbiage?  No problem.  We do that too!