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Contact your dedicated negotiator

When you scheduled your free consultation, you were assigned a dedicated negotiator who spoke to you about your business and needs.

Your dedicated negotiator is your single point of contact and will handle all your negotiations.  Now that you have been assigned a dedicated negotiator, anytime you have a negotiation or purchase, just contact them directly and they will begin your negotiation right away.

Our Savings Guarantee

We are here to help you and our savings guarantee is a reflection of that!

We are so confident in our negotiation services and our ability to save you money or get you a deal you are satisfied with, that we eliminated the risk to you for using our services.

For each negotiation we complete for you


You heard that correctly.  We will put in the time and energy to do the work and negotiate your deal, and if we can’t save you money or work out a deal you are satisfied with you pay us nothing for the negotiation service we provided.

Phase 1

early interactions and planning

The early interactions in a deal are very important – they set the stage for the negotiation as a whole.  Learn more about the importance of first interactions and the best time to get us involved.

Getting us involved from the start

When it comes to negotiations, the first interactions are critical and can influence the outcome. Getting us involved early is important.


The best time for you to get us involved is either before asking for a quote (which is ideal), or right after receiving the quote, prior to responding.  


Of course we will get involved at any stage of a deal, but the best outcomes are when we get involved in the very beginning.

Analyzing the other side

When we get involved early, it gives us an opportunity to analyze the person we are negotiating with and see the big picture, prior to the actual negotiation.

For example: what does the other party really need to get out of the deal?  Do they have a target?  What emotions might be at play?  What is their personality and style?

When we understand who and what we are “dealing” with, we are able to approach the negotiation in a way that gets you the results you want.

Research and planning

There are a lot of factors that go into a successful negotiation.  A big factor is knowing the other sides position and identifying factors that can influence the deal.  

Every negotiation is different, and even if you have done business with them in the past, there may be influences such as timing, company changes, fiscal objectives, quotas that need to be met, etc. that can influence the deals flexibility.


We also look into their pricing model and if we have negotiated with them in the past, we can use that knowledge to our advantage because we have an idea about the discount ranges of previous deals.

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Phase 2

The Negotiation

During the negotiation phase, we use our professional negotiation skills, expertise, and many strategies to work out a deal that satisfies both the vendor/supplier,and gets you, the customer, what you want.

Our goal

During the negotiation we will be working towards:


  • Getting you the best possible deal that meets and/or exceeds your expectations.


  • Establishing a strong discount baseline for future purchases.


  • Building a positive relationship with the vendor or supplier
Sweeten the deal

Once we reach the point where the negotiation meets your requirements, we will contact you to discuss anything additional that you may want to include in the deal.  If there is, we will see of the vendor/supplier will sweeten the deal.

Importance of win-win negotiations

Many other negotiation firms will try to strong-arm vendors by threatening them or doing hardball negotiation tactics.  We believe in win-win negotiations where both our client and the vendor are pleased with the outcome.

This doesn’t mean we negotiate any less strongly – In fact, we end up with even better results – but it does mean that the vendor is happy to keep you as a client, which means you are in an even better position to negotiate future deals.

Phase 3

Negotiation Complete!

Once we have completed the negotiation, we will send you all the details for approval.

Once approved the following will be provided:

Final documentation

After the negotiation has been approved and you are ready to move forward, we will provide you with all the final documentation from the vendor/supplier so that you can complete the transaction with them.


This includes:


  • The final quote or purchase documentation.


  • Final contract, terms, and/or agreement(s).


  • Any other documentation that is part of the final deal.
Invoice for our service

Once the deal is complete and approved, we will provide you with the invoice for our services based on the pricing option you chose.


If you are enrolled in one of our subscriptions, you will receive a statement breakdown instead of an invoice and the negotiation will be automatically deducted from the number of available negotiations for the term.

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